Magazines Smos & Baby Bee - Party Flyers And More

Smos & Baby Bee: Party Flyers And More. Reminiscences Of A Unique Era In Belgian Nightlife Culture. (1993–2010)


Throughout 326 flyers and many stories from the personal archives of Baby Bee, Smos and a bunch of friends and fellow DJs, the story of the legendary duo was recreated.


Smos & Baby Bee were prominently rocking the electronic music scene since its dawn, shortly after the infamous second summer of love in the UK during the late 1980s and the rising of a new youth culture, a pivotal point in music history when under the spell of XTC a large audience became enthralled by the exciting new style of music coming from American cities such as Detroit and Chicago. They were DJing all over Belgium and through their genuine approach and straight forward mentality bringing together scenes from Brussels, Ghent, Antwerp or Wallonia. They were a DJ duo, a constellation nowadays well known but at the time truly rare. And not to forget, Baby Bee was a female acting in a mostly male world.


The visual archive presented in this publication generates an important cache of a creative culture that has been going through ups and downs, but is still very much alive and kicking to this very day. The book wishes to commemorate Smos, who is missed by many and remains in our hearts forever.


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