Bent Van Looy / Round The Bend
Bent Van Looy / Round The Bend
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 Bent Van Looy has finished his charming solo-debut: 'Round The Bend'. Personal songs, based on elegant piano melodies. Experts even dare to compare with earlier 70's emo-grandmasters like Elton John, Billy Joel of Gilbert O'Sullivan. That sort of catchy sentiment.

Bent's new songs are no Das Pop leftovers. Developed and tested in Paris (more specifically in David Lynch's Silencio club) and recorded in L.A. with producer Jason Falkner (see too: Air, Beck, Aimee Mann, Daniel Johnston, Paul McCartney...)

Or, as Bent himself tenderly announced about the tunes on 'Round The Bend':
' They tell more, aren't so nicely streamlined in form, don't allow themselves to be packaged in the technicolour wrapping paper of pop, they feel smaller... They're not about the sort of Love that's sung about in Can’t Buy Me Love, Like a Virgin or – why ever not? - Never Get Enough. Here it's about rubber chickens left lying around on the grass after a party (Flowers and Balloons), a well-worn photo-album (First Boy from the Right) or bitter-sweet regret after a long night on the street (Friendly with the Fleas).'

High quality!

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